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From the most nutritious seeds of the Moringa plant (Moringa oleifera), our cold-pressed M-Spices Moringa Oil is packed with monounsaturated fats, tocopherols, proteins, and other nutrients that are ideal for the health of your skin and hair.




FOR FACE : Gently massage 2-3 drops of M-Spices Moringa Oil on the face. It imparts a healthy glow while deeply hydrating the skin. It has anti-aging properties that helps minimise wrinkles. 


FOR BODY : Smooth few drops of M-Spices Moringa Oil  in the morning and evening to hydrate and moisturise. Our oil has great calming properties that can help heal wounds, cuts, scars and burns.


FOR HAIR : Massage ample amount of M-Spices Moringa Oil and gently massage onto the scalp. It’s an effective remedy against hair loss, spilt ends and dull dry hair. 


Please note: We do not recommend using our favoured oils in cooking. Alternately, we recommend you to try M-Spices Virgin Moringa oil for cooking and consumption.

Virgin Moringa Oil

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₹288.00every 2 months for 12 months
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