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Muricken Single estate coffee

Since 1968

Story of the Muricken coffee estate

Situated in the verdant landscape of the western Ghats, the Muricken Coffee plantation earths in Chettalli, Coorg and incurs it's establishment to the founder Jose Muricken, a fervid planter and a humanitarian at heart. 
The perfect geographical positioning and the spout of water resources actuated the procuring process of the plantation which has burgeoned since 1968.

The plantation has been bequeathed to the members of the Muricken family who have held on to the underlying raison d'être of its initiation. 
The estate is now supervised solely by Vinitha Joseph and administered by Siddharth Muricken and Gautham Muricken who have ingrained a passion for farming over the years along with the rest Muricken family. 

The Muricken Coffee Plantation aims to elevate the quality of plantation culture by deploying two tyre shade systems, ample irrigation and appropriate manuring processes to arrive at our  quintessential product - The Muricken's Coffee.

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